Security Systems

  • Physical security is no longer an option in this day and age. Protection of life, property and assets is paramount in this litigious society. Fortunately, today’s security systems are evolving into powerful network based solutions that allow corporations and institutions unparalleled access to security information. Unfortunately, this security technology is too advanced for most legacy security companies. You need a security system audit, monitoring, installation and maintenance partner who can not only deal with your current needs, but foresee what you may need in the future. TTI is unique in its history as a networking, communication and security company. Our personnel can design and engineer security systems based on extensive knowledge of security procedures and practices and integrate them with today’s advanced network systems based on our proven network expertise.  TTI is your one stop resource for a full suite of advanced security technology.  From CCTV to anytime emergency support, we offer an entire spectrum of modern security solutions.  Please review our services list below:
    • CCTV IP and Analog Based
    • DVRNVR/Storage Area Network Design and Implementation
    • Video Analytical Software
    • Access Control Systems
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Centralized Monitoring
    • Network Auditing and Documentation
    • Wireless Design and Integration
    • 7/24/365 Emergency Support




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